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Johnny Lyon erblickte am 4. Dezember 1948 in Neptune, NJ das Licht der Welt. Schon in jungen Jahren interessierte er sich für die Rock’n Roll Musik und beschloss, in Elvis Presleys Fussstapfen zu treten. Wie Bruce Springsteen verdiente er sich seine ersten Lorbeeren in der Küstenstadt Asbury Park, NJ. Unter anderem trat er in den 1970er Jahren als Mundharmonikaspieler in Springsteens Band „Dr. Zoom & the Sonic Boom“ im Erscheinung.
„My father worked at the post office and my mother worked for the phone company. I remember they’d come home from work, have a few beers and listen to records of Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday and Big Joe Turner. I didn’t realize till I went to my friends‘ houses with their parents drinking martinis and listening to Mantovanithat my parents were weird. – Southside Johnny Interview, 2000

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Nach unzähligen Auftritten in den angesagtesten Kneipen der Stadt, gelang ihm Mitte der 1970er Jahren der internationale Durchbruch. Southside Johnnys ersten drei Alben „I Don’t Want To Go Home“ (1976), „This Time It’s For Real“ (1977) und „Hearts of Stone“ (1978) sind längst legendär und ermöglichten es den Asbury Jukes, auch in Europa Konzerte zu spielen.

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Am 31. März 2017 werden die ersten drei Southside Johnny Alben – die übrigens von Little Steven produziert wurden – in einer Collectors-Box wiederveröffentlicht. Sämtliche Songs wurden digital remastered und liegen nun in glasklarer Tonqualität vor. Ausserdem ist in der Box das Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes Konzert im Bottom Line aus dem Jahre 1976 zu finden.

:arrow: :arrow: :arrow: Die Collectors Box kann auf oder im Stonepony Shop vorbestellt werden


CD 1:
I Don’t Want To Go Home

„I Don’t Want to Go Home“
„Got to Get You Off My Mind“
„How Come You Treat Me So Bad“
„The Fever“
„Broke Down Piece of Man“
„Sweeter Than Honey“
„Fanny Mae“
„It Ain’t the Meat (It’s the Motion)“
„I Choose to Sing the Blues“
„You Mean So Much to Me“

This Time It’s For Real
„This Time It’s for Real“
„Without Love“
„Check Mr. Popeye“
„First Night“
„She Got Me Where She Wants Me“
„Some Things Just Don’t Change“
„Little Girl So Fine“
„I Ain’t Got the Fever No More“
„Love On the Wrong Side of Town“
„When You Dance“

CD 2:
Live at The Bottom Line

„Got To Get You Off My Mind“
„Without Love“
„Sweeter Than Honey“
„Snatching It Back“
„Little By Little“
„It Ain’t The Meat (It’s The Motion)“
„The Fever“
„Havin‘ A Party“
„You Mean So Much To Me“

Hearts Of Stone
„Got To Be a Better Way Home“
„This Time Baby’s Gone for Good“
„I Played the Fool“
„Hearts of Stone“
„Take It Inside“
„Talk To Me“
„Next To You“
„Trapped Again“
„Light Don’t Shine“

Here at last is the anthology Jukes fans have been waiting for, the one that not only includes all four albums the group cut with Miami Steve Van Zandt (including the CD debut of the promo-only LP Jukes Live at the Bottom Line), but also finally, finally presents this seminal body of work in newly remastered form. Indeed, the Epic recordings of Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes, the crucial early sides that made their reputation (and featured a ton of Springsteen/E Street Band spillover), have long suffered from indifferent sound and packaging, as all reissues have been taken from the same digital masters made at the dawn of the CD era. The Fever—The Remastered Epic Recordings changes all that—all four Epic albums including I Don’t Want to Go Home, Jukes Live at the Bottom Line, This Time It’s for Real, and Hearts of Stone (plus the single version of “Havin’ a Party”) appear here in brand-new, sparkling versions remastered from the original master tapes by Mark Wilder at Battery Studios in New York. What’s more, the 2-CD, 40-track collection offers new liner notes by Chris Morris that feature fresh quotes from Southside Johnny himself, and Bruce Springsteen’s original liner notes for I Don’t Want to Go Home. Speaking of Springsteen, his fingerprints are all over these projects, with such songs as “The Fever,” “Little Girl So Fine,” “Love on the Wrong Side of Town,” “When You Dance,” “Talk to Me,” “Trapped Again,” and “Hearts of Stone” all written or co-written by The Boss, while Van Zandt not only produced all four Epic albums but wrote much of the repertoire. But the real star here, of course, is Southside Johnny himself, one of the great white R&B singers of this or any other time, backed by a crack band including The Miami Horns and with such special guests as Ronnie Spector, The Coasters, The Drifters, and The Five Satins. Joyful, soulful music finally sounding the way it oughtta!


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"9 von 10 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich

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Amazing sound, but many tracks are edited! 13. März 2017
Von T. Sporrer - Veröffentlicht auf

Verifizierter Kauf

Amazing audio quality, but many of the songs have been edited to cram all four albums onto two CDs. For example, nearly a minute has been cut from "When You Dance" and nearly all of the tracks on the "Live at the Bottom Line" album have been edited. The remastering is wonderful, but it would have been significantly better if each album had been put onto its own CD."

...Roy Orbison´s singing for the lonely...

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