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...von "Greasy Lake"
(Mitschnitt des Anrufs...)

YESTERDAY Bruce called into E Street Radio just now and said that there is a full Western Stars film due to come out by the end of the year and he’s really happy with the fan reception of the album.
He called into Jim Rotolo and Dave Marsh's show while "I was driving home from his gym."

Dave Marsh asked him about playing with Garry Tallent on Saturday:

Garry Tallent is "quite a good guitarist."


"We got a film that is looking good, that will be exciting, it will be out in the calendar year. Oh I'm on the air!

Dave: "This is something you and Thom (Zimny) cooked up?

Bruce: "We made a film of us playing the Western Stars album start to finish, plus some other things. I knew we weren't going to tour, so I figured this was the best way to do it.

"It was a great time. Looking forward to getting that to the fans when we can. We're excited about the whole reception to the record. I thought the record was a little off to the left, didn't know what response we would get. Seeing how the record was received was very exciting and how we could further that experience for the fans. Fans have come up to me telling me how much they like it.

I'm not playing live now because I'm working on other things.

Jon and I were talking about this, we worked hard over the years.. We have built a an audience that follows me where I need to go. That is deeply appreciated by me, something I'm proud of, the fan don't want to hear a specific group of songs. If I keep the quality of what I'm doing they're adventurous to go with me where I want to go. That is the greatest gift to give to an artist, to let them go there.

Very exciting and very satisfying to see where the record, the reception I got from the fans. Send a thank you to my great audience that's out there. Not only if you want to be great, you need to have a great audience, Something I'm very proud of over the year. That was my dream as a young musicians, I knew from the start, 22 or 23, a fellow musician who had a semi-hit song out saw me walk into Kenny Castaways in 1973 and there were 20 people there. He saw me down at the Shore with thousands of people, and he said 'what are you doing?' I was looking to play the long game from right when I was young, I knew If I gave what I felt was my best, there would be an audience there that would respond.

There's some element of luck and that happened and we never looked back. To be this far in and to see how this long game developed, one of the most deeply satisfying thing in my life right now.

It's a very exciting part of my work life now. Been on a roll now, the book the reception was great, Broadway stand couldn't have been deeper or better. Nice development along with this record and looking forward to keeping this roll going."

I wanted to see if the number really worked, Bruce said jokingly at the end about calling in.”

...Roy Orbison´s singing for the lonely...

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